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?(ĭ-bo͝ol′yənt, ĭ-bŭl′-)
1. Zestfully enthusiastic.
2. Boiling or seeming to boil; bubbling.

[Latin ēbulliēns, ēbullient-, present participle of ēbullīre, to bubble up : ē-, ex-, up, out; see ex- + bullīre, to bubble, boil.]

e·bul′lient·ly adv.
Usage Note: Traditionally, ebullient is pronounced (ĭ-bŭl′yənt), with a short u in the second syllable, as in gull. This is apparently still the preferred pronunciation in British English. In American English, the pronunciation (ĭ-bo͝ol′yənt), with the second syllable like bull, is now equally common.
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Adv.1.ebulliently - in an ebullient manner; "Khrushchev ebulliently promised to supply rockets for the protection of Cuba against American aggression"
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[ɪˈbʌlɪəntlɪ] advcon esuberanza
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He had been ebulliently active; now he was dull and spiritless--seemed to be dazed.
United have not played this ebulliently since Solskjaer's prolonged honeymoon period.
'I call on the international community to join the Nigerian people and prevail on President Buhari to practise the Peace Accord, with exemplary actions, in order to build confidence in the process he ebulliently led,' she said.
If one single event in the past 20 years elicited consensus approval from enlightened opinion it was the Arab Spring, celebrated by the Obama Administration as ebulliently as by the Bush wing of the Republican Party and the neoconservatives.
Intentionally or not, the setup brought to mind the final chapter of Vilem Flusser's prescient Into the Universe of Technical Images (1985), which invokes chamber music as a metaphor for a world where automation diminishes human agency so incrementally and ebulliently that the loss is never registered.
"Vivas to those who have fail'd!" Walt Whitman ebulliently added (1982, 205).
As the man behind Flying Saucer and presiding deity of one of the country's biggest nightlife empires, Priyank Sukhija, declares ebulliently: " New York has SoHo, London has Leicester Square, and now Delhi has got back Connaught Place.
"He is one of the great guardians of language and culture--all of it," the critic Nicholas Lezard expounded ebulliently. "Long may he flourish." Jacobson is not the author of a political column, even if politics can be his subject.
When Beyonce's brisk female-empowerment jam "Run the World (Girls)" kicks off a key musical number in "Pitch Perfect 2," it plays as something of a mission statement for the film itself: Both behind and in front of the camera, women call every shot of consequence in this ebulliently entertaining, arguably superior sequel to the 2012 musical comedy hit.
Action-filled portraits of joyous, dancing black people roll ebulliently out from the pages, while little Melba grows and learns to play the jazzy music she loves on her trombone.
Chevy Chase is ebulliently cheery despite his continuous slap-stick and prat-falling mishaps as well as having an on-going squabble with his cliched yuppie neighbours.